Friday, November 13, 2009

Better than expected

Got back Wednesday night only to wake up Thursday morning with a bad cold/flu. Lisa went home Tuesday feeling sick and now she is face down on her couch.
The trial went better than expected. After my blog about not being good at arena trials Isla and I seemed to get it together. The first day we had a great run and ended up 5th. The second day we had a tough set and didn't get the pen. The sheep were tough. One minute they were heavy and the next they ran like deer in every different direction. Isla handled them well. We made it into the finals and I swear had the same set as the second go. I think we ended up around 7th out of 10. Happy with Isla she worked her butt off and did everything I asked. The funny thing about having a colored dog is when the do bad they stand out and when they do good they stand out. I had people for two days coming up to me telling me what a great dog I had. One guy even offered to buy her for lots of money. I told him she was not for sale.
Rob was a different story. This first run I couldn't get his over flanking or the not stopping under control so I retired. The second day he ran to the top lied down and wouldn't get up. So I retired from that run too. I am disappointed with his effort. He is such a puzzle to me sometimes.

Now I am off to bed to rest up.

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