Monday, November 9, 2009

On the road

My plan was to come up with a very clever blog before I left for the dog trial this morning. Well true to form I let time get away from me this morning. I was on the phone to long and then my phone wouldn't stop ringing.
I am currently on a stop over at my mom's on my way to the Edmonton trial. Farm Fair is a fun trial. It runs in conjunction with the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Which means lots of cowboys.
We are hoping to do better than last year. I know arena trials get a lot of flack for not being real dog trails. But let me tell you it takes a certain amount of finesse. I have yet to find that finesse.
What I am really nervous about is leaving Justice home by himself for two nights and three days. He really only has two dogs to look after. When I was his age I was home by myself and looking after the farm.
That is it for now. I am trying to write and my mom won't stop talking to me. Making it very hard to concentrate. Oh! Note to my other critics my mom is now telling me about my spelling and grammar errors on my blog.

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Sarah said...

Good Luck this weekend!!!!

mums and grammar .... yep i know that one :)