Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Agribition

We are in Regina. This is my first time to Agribition. All I can say is the sheep were great. The first go Isla and me got 1:28 and placed 11th. That's how fast the times were. Second run was not to be the sheep had figured out where the out gate was. Isla ran good and tried her best. Our time was 3:30. Second go fastest time was 1:00. Top five scores were under 1:15. So much fun. Instead of going out hoping to finish the course and not grip off you had to go out and figure out how to shave ten seconds off your time.
My favorite moment was the last run of the second go. Dennis Edwards of Sundance, Wyoming. He had a smokin good run going. As he was closing the pen he tripped and did a mission impossible roll. Really needed to be on video.
Top five runs went to the finals tonight at that rodeo. All five runs had combined times for to runs under 2:49. Crazy fast. No word yet as to who won.
Just heard a snow storm is on the way for Friday so we may go home tomorrow to miss it.

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