Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Willow

Just about to leave Idaho from the Big Willow trial. I have some time to up date my readers on how it went. first of all I must say how pretty the scenery is at the trial sight. The huge rolling hills and winding roads give it the feel of Scotland.

We drove through some horrendous weather on the way down here so the green grass and blue sky was welcome. Over three thousand sheep graze the hills around the trial sight. My friend Judy with her dogs Kate and Maude made the trip down here with me. 

My dogs ran mediocre at best. The range ewes were tough and figured my dogs out pretty quick. The first day Rob got a score of 33. Shocking I know but that was my highlight. Isla Gripped off at the drive panels. 
Today was no better. I retired with Rob and Isla got lost on her out run which I am sure ended up in another state.
I am thinking of training my dogs for the new sport of gopher hunting. I here from Charlie Torre that strong eyed dogs really excel at this sport. 

Not really sure if any gophers were hurt in the making of this sport.


livin life said...

It was so fun hanging and rock sista!

Diana said...

I cant beleive that gopher would come out when the dog is standing right there. LoL Diana

Snowdrop said...

Fab dogs

You might appreciate this.