Monday, May 17, 2010

Fire sale of sorts

I know it will seem like I am unloading a lot of dogs lately but rest assured I don't take these decisions lightly. Last week I came to the realization that Bracken and I are not suited for each other. He have butted heads from day one and I think she would be better suited with someone else. She is a tough cookie. Working wise she does have some faults. She has really wide out runs. One thing I learn is that they only get wider with age. At 14 months she is already running fences. She would make a great agility dog for the right person. She is small, athletic and incredibly focused. I will only let her go to an experienced person.

Risk is still here looking for his new home. He had a free wheeling trip around the sheep last week when I was away. It took my husband a little bit to catch him. That day Kyle came to the realization that yes indeed Risk needs to find a new home. No more denial for Kyle.

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