Saturday, May 15, 2010

Real farm work

The grass is slow to come up this year so I have turned the flock out in the alley and the machine yard. This also means alot more real dog work. I have lessons almost everyday. Which means sorting sheep and brining in a small group to use for lessons that day. I have been using Rob mostly for this because he loves to shed and can get the job done quickly. At the same time Rob does have a hard time keeping a cool head and screws up his own work by over flanking or not stopping. When things go in the pot I usually go and get Isla to fix the mess. Isla hates to shed. But I am going to start switching them up every other day. Hopefully she starts to like it and understand it is part of the job.
Last week I enlisted some friends to come and help trim feet and worm the sheep. I bought one of those deck chair things to help save your back while trimming feet.

Looks easy right. NOT!!! I think they drugged this sheep to get him to comply. Jerry and I wrestled a few of my 200 plus pound Dorpers into the deck chair. It took two people to hold the sheep down in the chair and another one to do this feet. Not to mention some of my sheep hardly fit in the chair. We were had decided to go to town and buy a tilt table. F**k this. But alas Alberta doesn't have an abundance of sheep supply stores. After a Sangria or two we went back to work. It took all day to get those suckers done. Not a product I would recommend.

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Hollen Farm said...

We had a deck chair too..notice the key word is "had" :) Yep, tilt table is much better.