Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shedding clinic summary

I am fortunate to call Scott and Jenny good friends. But I would also call Scott my herding therapist. Many a time I have gone for a lesson or made a desperate phone call having some crisis of faith. Don't tell him but I think real therapists charge a lot more than he does. Last year I had a short shedding lesson with Scott and he asked me before I went to my sheep what my plan was. Sounded like a stupid question. But I didn't have an answer. This time a couple of days before the Clinic I came up with my plan. I would start with Isla and as long as she was trying for me I would stick with her for the three days. However if she got pouty and I in turn got mad and depressed about her performance than I would switch to Rob. Not the kind of plan Scott had in mind.  Well I am happy and sad to say I stuck to my plan. Isla got a day and a half and Scott nicely suggested I might want to switch her for Rob.
Glad I did switch because I actually got to work on shedding. Rob has many faults but he loves to shed. We even got to try the international shed and succeeded at it. I was happy with Rob and the amount of try he was giving me. I learned lots over the weekend and it really helped to watch all the different level of handlers shedding. Some of us are just starting out and some had been doing it for many year. It was a great group of people. It was just like summer camp.
I would like to shout out to Shannon Fritz. Met her for the first time this weekend. Shannon you are a hoot and you can come over for Chinese anytime.

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I do enjoy reading about you and
your dogs. Thinking of Justices
Birthday. Will send him a small