Friday, June 18, 2010


I put my sheep in the north alley for a couple of days to graze it down. I didn't anticipate a years worth of rain in that couple of days.

Now my sheep were stranded behind this wall of water. 

I wasn't about to cross it. I know how deep it is when it is dried up. Thats why I have my trusty sheepdog. Having dogs has really just made me a lazier person.

It really only takes one sheep to convince the rest they should go as well. OK that and some well placed heel bites from Isla.

Off to higher ground

A happy working dog is muddy and tired.


Donna Brinkworth said...

Awesome work!

Lynda said...

Geez, How much rain did you get??
We were in Edmonton all weekend and it was hot, hot,hot!

Hege Voldmo said...

Hi, whow I like your dogs. Are you planning one more last litter for Isla (with an ISDS reg. male)? And one more question, where did you buy Zoey? I know color is not the most important, but I'm in love with the merels and Sable (as long as they are ISDS work breed) Best Regards Hege Voldmo (Norway, up north in Europe)