Monday, June 7, 2010

Chasing Unicorns

Ahh the elusive Unicorn. A mythical creature that some people swear they have seen. others have been so lucky to find and purchase their very own unicorn. I once again find myself in search of the unicorn. I have enlisted agents to act on my behalf to help out in the search of my unicorn. So close we have come to reaching our goal. But we find ourselves a day to late or a dollar or two short. 
Anyone guessed it yet?????

Yep, That's right. 

Looking for another dog. Something trained, easy to handle and able to move western sheep. Sounds simple I know. These dogs are few and far between. 


Hillcrest Border Collies said...

A lot of people don't understand what type of dog is needed for our western range sheep until they come west and trial on them. They are not the light sheep they have in the midwest or out east.
I retired Mick, the one dog who could move ANYTHING and I haven't found a replacement yet. I have been trying, so I know what you are going through.

Jenny Glen said...

Patience! It's like falling in love. When you least expect it...

Lynda said...

Relax and let him find you,and yes it is a boy!
You have picture of exactly what you want, the universe will bring it your way and the black and white will find you!

Monique said...

Like Jenny said... its when you least expect it.