Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is here

folks June in Finally here although you wouldn't know it by the weather. I took these pictures two days ago.

Today I ventured downtown to pick up my giant settlement from State Farm from my accident last year. We had decided to be the polite Canadians and not hire a lawyer to settle the case for us. That turned out to be foolish because State Farm took it upon themselves to say that I was speeding. Yes thats right people me going 10KM over the speed limit caused their client to run a yield sign right in front of me. Oh I forgot to mention that their client was also speeding. A whole 30 kms over the speed limit. I was sent to the lawyers today with strict instruction from Kyle not to say anything just sign and shut up. And came home with my winnings $7500.00. Just to remind you all here is a picture of my one ton dodge truck after my accident.

OK, Now on to more happier things. I have many things to look forward to in June. Which is good for me and my family. Turns out living in a 35ft trailer with the two frat boys makes me more than a little testy. In my defense I think they have turned my emotional state into a sport. I am not sure of the rules but when I figure them out I will let you know. Now on to the things I am thankful for in June.

1. My new trailer arrives my own personal hideout. (Jerry has dubbed the estrogen express)
2. Jenny is coming home. 
3. Shedding clinic ( really looking forward to the alcohol induced girl time) SANGRIA!!!!!!!
4. Start to trailing season ( more alcohol induce socializing. Who cares about running dogs)

Thats all for now. I may add to the list as it comes to me.

PS- Kyle said tonight that the truck still smells like death.


livin life said...

I can not believe your truck!!!!! Thankful you walked away......does that settlement even cover a new truck?? Or is in addition to...please tell me it is a new truck and cash....

Jenny Glen said...

I'm not sure if you are happy I'm coming home because you miss me or because I then will be taking my rather large, rather bad guardian dog back with me!=)

Louanne said...

Don't forget the tiny Tasmanian devil as well. But it is all you I am looking forward to seeing.

Jenny Glen said...

Yes, the Whirling Dervish has a spot waiting for her in the yard!

gvmama said...

Ha Ha...The Estrogen Express :0)

I'm calling mine:
"I'm out of Estrogen and I have a gun!"