Thursday, October 30, 2008

The fine art of shedding

Not really sure what I have gotten myself into. Next year Isla and I will be moving up to Open. Running in open I can handle. Never mind running against two national champions and many other top handlers. Running in open in Alberta is tough. The only thing that would make it tougher would be if Alasdair MacRae deiced to move here. The learning to shed that is going to be my winters long challenge. My moral support team consists of..................
Alasdair MacRae
By way of his shedding video

And Scott Glen
By way of me driving to his house to pester him.

I am not sure how they make it look so easy. It looks so much easier sitting on the side lines from my comfy lawn chair. I can tell you we have been practicing for just about a week now and sometimes it works and the other times there are swear words. Many a time I have tried something and then ran into the house to watch the DVD so Alasdair could tell me how to do it properly. I am thinking about doing a little shedding video diary. But I no one to video me.


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Donna said...

Louanne, when I come there, I will videotape you!! I love your blog.

Donna Brinkworth
Jet and Ted