Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trial report

Sorry I waited till Tuesday to report on the weekend. Isla had a super weekend. She ended up overall intermediate winner. And on Sunday tied for 1st in the pro novice. She temporally lost her mind on Saturday in the pro novice. She ran so wide I couldn't see her most of the time. She had me worried that the weekend was not going to go well. But Sunday came and she stepped up and ran in the high 80's in both classes.
Ice didn't run like I know he can. I think he just needs to get out and travel. He ran like he didn't really know his job. Very unsure that he was doing the right thing. That being said he still placed 2nd in the intermediate on the first day. Penny took some pictures of Ice for me. There was also a photographer taking pictures. He got some really nice ones of Isla. I am waiting for him to send them to me.

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