Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Have dog trailer will travel

A couple of weeks ago we got a second vehicle. We have been thinking about getting a smaller more economical vehicle to run to town in or if I was just going to a trial close by. We found a Jeep Liberty Diesel which was perfect. Kyle really only wanted a diesel any way. Then I was thinking about hauling dogs around. I have been thinking about buying a dog trailer for some time now. My problem with a dog trailer is that you are so limited with the amount of dogs you can haul. They also don't have alot of storage space unless I want to spend thousands of dollars. A friend of mine suggested a little utility trailer. So I went hunting on line and found a perfect match. Since our little jeep is a turbo diesel it can pull a small trailer. The new trailer weigths 900 lbs and can hold alot of dogs and leaves plenty of room for storage. It will come in handy when I am going on quick trips and don't really want to take the holiday trailer.

Did I mention that I have a matching obsession.

Right now I only have four crates in the trailer but as you can see there is room for more. Risk is the trailer model for today.


manymuddypaws said...

love the matching trailer/crate combo!

are those petsafe crates? i like the color!

and risk sure looks grown up these days!

raja said...

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