Monday, June 8, 2009

ASCA trial

We packed up and went to Stettler to an ASCA trial. I rarely run ASCA as I don't usually have time with my other trial schedule. For some of my students and friends this was their first trial ever. So I decided to go for moral support. I also entered Isla for fun. The weather was cold, cloudy and rainy. It could have been better but we had a good time anyway.
The pups had a good time trying to get to China

True stockdog style Isla and Risk

Apparently this was the first ASCA Ranch Dog trial in Canada. The trial was on cattle. I didn't enter Isla mostly because of my fear that she would be to crazy and get her self hurt in the pens. Jerry entered Jed though. As Jed is very proficient on cattle. It was a 30 minute course. Looked like lots of fun. Start off in some smaller pens and moved out into a large 10 acres pasture and then back into some sorting pens at the end. You had the option to ride a horse, quad or walk. Jerry chickened out and picked the quad.

Marnie was the official ranch trial photographer and would go to any length to get her shot.

Marnie and Chase

now for the brags.

Jed won the ranch trial and also got his started ducks and sheep titles. He also won the most promising started dog award.

Isla now has her Open sheep and ducks titles. She also come home with the high scoring sheep run award as well as winning the high combined award for the weekend
Marnie and Chase became the first Spanish Water dog the get an ASCA title. Finishing her Started ducks in beautiful style. The Spanish Water dog was just put on the breed list for ASCA this past month thanks in part to Marnie's perseverance.

Raven got a leg in their started dogs. I helped Diane out and ran Raven on Sunday.


Sarah said...

congrats on a great weekend! nice haul!

ducks? that looks fun!! Gyp would lose her marbles I think.

Donna Brinkworth said...

Well done hurray! Way to go everyone! Very exciting post. Who were the judges?

Louanne said...

Judges were Marti Parish and Lori Middleton.