Monday, June 1, 2009

Famous last words

Got home late last night from the Paxton Valley trial. Holly and Len are the cutest couple in Paxton Valley. Len is the only non-doggin husband I know that will pitch in to help set sheep when the help doesn't show up. They run a great show and have Lee to back them up when people don't tow the line. Who knew Little sweet Lee could yell like that. I love trialing in British Columbia so refreshing. Those BC girls really know how to have fun. Below is a pic of the field. The sheep are set at the back fence by the trees.On Saturday morning Holly gave me some tips on the field. "watch that draw at the bottom of the hill it really draws dogs in" Me being me said "Ah pish Isla is a good outrunner she would never cross" How wrong was I both times in the Open she almost crossed over. I stopped her in time and gave her a look back and a redirect. The good news is her look back rocks. The bad news is my Scottish hill dogs is now officially a flat lander.
Sunday my dad and Lisa (wife/girlfriend/it's complicated) showed up to watch me run. To bad Isla didn't put on her best show for them but they had fun. Ok Lisa had fun. She could fit right in here. Dad on the other hand really like the food. Lisa took this pic of Isla and me coming around the post.

The weekend was not a total loss we finished 4th overall in the Pro Novice. 30 dogs ran Pro Novice.


Donna Brinkworth said...

Great pictures and description, and way to go!

WalkOn Border Collies said...

Way to go in Pro/Nov!!! Did Jamie deliver your waterbox....complete with screw plug? ;-)

kristi said...

You made no mention of how nice Isla's coat was. ;-)