Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ready set go!!!

My mini trial Marathon begins today. Lisa and I are picking up Jenny on the way to Washington. First time I have ever been to Washington. I am very excited get to meet new people and see some different dogs work. Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a giant crink in my neck and I can only turn my head to the left. Lisa may I have to drive part way this morning and I will take some of her fancy muscle relaxers.
Here what my you get to look forward to.
Washington June 25-29
Ian and Joanne's June 30-July 2
Irricanna July 3-4
Calgary Stampede July 5-6
The good news is I got an air card so now I can blog on the road. I am very excited.
Stay tuned for Washington Hy jinx.

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Donna Brinkworth said...

GOOD LUCK and enjoy! I am glad I can live vicariously through the three of you! Looking forward to the posts and may see you at a couple if I can come to watch - the Stampede for sure!