Friday, June 19, 2009

Together again

Last weekend I headed down to Lethbridge to watch the AAC regionals I mostly went to see Finn and visit with friends. I had Bracken and Craig in tow. Jenn took some family photos. Finn is so much bigger than my two. Not sure what Jenn is feeding him.

Craig and Finn were best of friends.

Bracken on the other hand really wanted nothing to do with he long lost brother. If you look closely you can see her lip curling up.

I have said all along that Bracken is very much like her mother. She is so stoic and always acting so mature. Not to mention the party police.

Much different than her clown of a brother

Thanks Jenn for all the great pics.


Maddy said...

They are very gorgeous pups! Bracken is the prettiest though :-)
Great photos!

manymuddypaws said...

those are great pics!!! Finn does look HUGE next to Craig!! Wow!