Saturday, June 13, 2009

What have I done

Ask some of my closest friends I can not say no to anyone. I get my self in some very sticky predicaments because of it. This week I said yes to two things that I may live to regret.
First I told my sister that I would take care of her dogs for almost two weeks. My mom will no longer take care of them because they always runaway on her. Jade and Luna are city dogs who love their parents very much so much they will do anything to get to them. Which includes scaling six foot chain link. Along with food and dog beds they can with bark collars. Oh good they jump,run and bark. Notice the big heavy canvas tarp on the top of the run. Day 1 almost over hope it works. Oh I almost forgot they are also terrified on thunder. Weather this week is suppose to be hot an humid which translates into evening thunderstorm.
Regret #2
I have a rancher that brings his dog for lessons. He phoned and said he had a sheep he needed to get rid of and would I like to take it maybe I could use it as a doggin sheep. A Dorper ewe lamb from last year.
I don't think it is going to make a doggin sheep. What Trevor neglected to say was that this little lady thinks she is a person.

Craig thought she looked like fun. To much fun so Lamby had to go back into the field. Petting Zoo's beware I will be phoning you!

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manymuddypaws said...

lamby is cute!!! I spread the word about her- hopefully someone is looking for a nice little pet sheep!!!