Monday, December 22, 2008

Bah!!! Bad weather

This is kind of a wrap up of what I have been doing for the last four days. Way to action packed.
Friday Jerry and I made the long trek up to Athabasca to pick up Isla from her week long honeymoon with Hope. We left Calgary at 7:00 Am. I awoke to thundering winds, darkness and sub zero temperatures. Fun Fun. Most of the trip looked like this

Started the morning like this

Yes folks that is Celsius

almost the speed of light

Cars were literally driving off the road in front of us. We made it home safe and sound 15 hours after we started our journey. The weekend didn't get any better. More cold weather and snow. On Saturday Jet came down with some mysterious illness and spent the whole day Sunday at the vets getting various amounts of tests. Came home none the wiser but lighter in our pocket books. She is living the life today.

Also have a little visitor to the shop who needs a little perking up. The dogs are very interested in.

Today I went to pick up my grandma in the city.

Tomorrow we leave for Kamloops to spend Christmas with my dad. Here's hoping for a less eventful week.

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Sam said...

"Yes folks that is Celsius"
Oh my freaking #$%^.
A warm sunny 27 degrees C here for Christmas Day. We're thinking of you!