Friday, December 5, 2008

this week in review

Alright so I haven't blogged in over a week. Very Sorry, alot going on and then I got a bad cold and didn't feel like doing anything even bloggin. I know hard to believe.
On Tuesday last week Risk, Isla and I drove up to visit with Lisa and picked up some new sheep. It is a five hour drive so I decided to let the dogs ride in the truck with me to keep me company. Driving with Risk is like riding with a toddler. OMG mom whats that? Can I have some of your Coffee? Hey Isla What are you doing? Look cars!! Look trucks!!! Back seat, Front Seat. All for five hours fun fun.
Isla had a more relaxed approach to the drive

Oh Yeah, I followed this guy for two hours before I realized......
He isn't even a real cop. that must have been so much fun for him.

I spent a couple of days at Lisa's working dogs and picking up the new sheep.

our new editions. I can spot the troublemakers already

Lisa and Hope

Isla moving Lisa's range ewe on a cross drive

Got home spent a day cleaning up the mess the boys made while I was gone. Then Lisa came down and we were off to hang out with Jenny for the weekend. We had been planning to go and see the movie Australia for over a month. Not really sure what movie the New York times saw to call it an "epic". Unless "epic" refers to the length on the movie. The movie was Ok but certainly not and "epic".
Then I spent most of this week giving lessons and yesterday hurt my back. Spent last night staring at the ceiling totally at Kyle's mercy to look after me. Well we all know how that went. At least the dogs and sheep got fed.

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