Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas shopping locally

This year I decided to do my Christmas shopping locally. You may think to your self that I am being very environmentally conscious but no in fact I am just being lazy. I really don't want to battle the traffic or the people in the city. So for those of you that may receive a gift from me this is what you should except.

From the local truck stop just down the road
-over priced batteries
-some sort of tobacco product
-Slurpee various flavors
-a coffee mug that says Canada on it

From the local farm supply store
-anything that says carhart on it
-feed for your chickens, cows or sheep
-feed buckets

Other things may include
-Tim Horton's gift card
-MacDonald's gift card
-m&m meat gift card

Ok, all kidding as side I did shop locally. When I was in Nanton I met this charming little dog named Molly who preceded to tear my jeans to shreds while I was shopping in her owners store.

Isn't she cute.

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