Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trekking home

Got home last night around 5:30. Another fun drive thanks Sirius Satellite radio big 80's channel. About a half an hour out from my dad's house Kyle started to get sick. He must have been really sick to let me drive. Therefore I got to pick the music we listened too. Kyle's one rule was I was not aloud to text and drive. Probably a good thing.
I am driving along the trans Canada hwy thinking it was very peaceful at the moment it resembled a goat trail because of all the snow. Then it hit me, a car had not passed us in over an hour. Hmmm weird. Then we went through a small town and I glanced at a sign "did that say road closed" Oh well we will just keep on truckin.


another closed highway dog park

never a good sign
So happy to be home safe and sound

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