Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Opinion

I picked up Jet from My sister in laws place yesterday. I was shocked to see how much weight she had lost in only five days. Almost five pounds. Jet maybe weights 30lbs on a good day so losing five pounds is alot. I decided we needed a second opinion. Today I took her to another vet. They decided to keep Jet for a couple of days and put her on IV fluids and IV anti-biotics. Still non the wiser on what is wrong. She has not eaten or drank on a regular basis for over a week. so that is really our first priority. I took this pic of sick Jet last week.


Anonymous said...

Hi I enjoyed your pictures, I went to Edmonton Thursday for my
cataract test and I get both eyes done at the end of April Lots of Love Grandma [ hows the spelling?]

Anonymous said...

Looked at your pictures again. Happy birthday to Kyle tomorrow!