Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogger games

I have been tagged by Jenny to play a blogger game.
WOW!!! this could have been a very dangerous. You all don't really want to know what I do in my spare time. Luckily the 6th picture is actually a more Zen like picture.

In this picture is my doggin friend Corey Perry and his dog Pik taken at my friend Abe's birthday party. It was a bring your own working dog party. Really fun work dogs all day and then eat cake. Could it get any better than that. In all fairness I don't think I took this picture it was one of my two on staff photographers Penny or Lisa.

Now the hard part is picking people that have not been picked yet.

Fionavar k9's

The boys

Corrie Dhu Sheepdogs

Hillcrest Border Collies

Wandering Gecko

One for the book

Forgot to explain the rules of the game. go to your photo archives and go to the 6th file open that file and post the 6th picture. Then tell the story that goes with this picture.

This is a fun thing to do one a cold winters day or in Sam's case a warm summers evening
Stay warm or cool


Lynda said...

ok missy I did the blogger game!!!

Louanne said...

good for you Lynda,
I am so glad I forced you to blog.