Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kamloops day 3

I usually don't go on holidays without at least one dog. Right now I am missing my dogs terribly. I phone Jerry everyday so he can tell me what they are up to. We decided to leave Jet at home becasue she was doing better but after we left she went downhill again. So I enlisted Kyle's sister to take care of her. Jet lived at her house for a couple of months this summer. She loves Colette and Ty. She has started to eat again and her spirits are coming up again. Thank godness my dad has two dogs so I can get my dog fix.

Meet Bailey

And Pooh Head!!!

Yes his name is really Pooh Head. He is the mellowest corgi puppy I have every met. Dad and Lisa think he is a wired crazy dog. I told them next time I would bring Risk and show them what a real 11 month old puppy is like

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