Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canadian Finals day one

What a busy day. Day one is hard because you need to work out the kinks.
So unlike the busy facebook people I was running around in mass Kaos.
It is late so I am just going to post results.

Nursery Round One
1. Bev Lambert and Esther 75
2. Scott Glen and Don 72
3. Peter Gonnet and Taff 71
4. three way tie
Ian Zoerb and Lexi 69
Amanda Milliken and Monty 69
Amanda Milliken and Roz 69
7. Two way tie
Kate Broadbent and Salt 63
Gayle Cochlan and Lea 63
9. Ken Price and Bud 60
10. Thad Buckler and Nic 59

Nursery Round 2
1. Kate Broadbent and Salt 72
2 Two way tie
Scott Glen and Don 66
Lee Lumb and Rex 66
4. two way tie
Amanda Milliken and Roz 65
Penny Ohanjanian and Moss 65
6.Two way tie
Peter Gonnet and Taff 63
Thad Buckler and Nic 63
8. Bev Lambert and Esther 62
9. Ian Zoerb and Sam 57
10. Ian Zoerb and Lexie

Canadian Nursery Champion
Scott Glen and Open

Western Canadian Nursery Finals
1. Peter Gonnet and Taff 70
2. Thad Buckler and Nick 69
3. Scott Glen and Don 69
4. Lee Lumb and Rex 61
5. Ian Zoerb and Lexi DQ

We ran the first 20 Open dogs today. The day was long already and we just finished up before the sun went down.
Top three Open dogs after 20
1. Ian Zoerb and Gyp 77
Beverly Lambert and Mirk 77
2. Nancy Stephens and Ike 76

Tomorrow we run the rest of round one of Open and the start of round two.

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WalkOn Border Collies said...

Thank you Louanne! So nice to get the results each day - awesome job and much appreciated.