Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2 part two

Time to take a little break and deiced to update the open scores so far. We are almost to the end of the first run of Open. The sheep are proving difficult to pen. The course is a pen shed. So if you don't pen you leave 20 points on the field.

Top ten so far
1. Beverly Lambert Hemp 90
2. Scott Glen Drift 83
3. Amanda Milliken Clive 80
4/5 two way tie not broken
Ian Zoerb Gyp 77
Beverly Lambert Mirk 77
6. Nancy Stephens Ike 76
7. Peter Gonnet Jill 75
8. Norm Sommer Jock 72
9. Stormy Winters Roy 71
10/11 Two way tie not broken
Dennis Gellings Jan 70
Martha McHardy Ceri 70

Not Official because I am tired and hungry

Veiw from Set out

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