Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canadian Finals sheep

Yesterday we went out to sort through the sheep for the Canadian Border Collie Finals. I am one of the organizers of this event so I was one of the chosen few who got to spent the day picking out the sick and the trouble makers. No matter how good of a job we did someone is still going to complain about the sheep. It is an age old tradition just like barrel racers and cutters complain about the ground, dog trialers complain about the sheep. Oh, I almost forgot we also complain about the judging as well.

We picked out 460 of Mountain View colonies finest just in time for the rain to come.
Here is a link for info on the trial


Sam said...

And the weather- I like to complain about that, too.

kristi said...

I complain mostly about bugs. Have you done much to eliminate the skeeters? Oh, and I like to complain about the set out person too. :-)

WalkOn Border Collies said...

Oh goody, I'll tell everyone who to complain to about the will all be on your shoulders! LOL Cus OMG I heard some stuff about the July trial on these sheep...oh wait, wasn't that on YOUR blog?! lol JK
Don't sweat it: as long as some dogs can show good runs, then it just proves the quality(or lack) of dog. Sheep should be even for all runs good or 'bad'.
Wish I could be there.