Tuesday, August 25, 2009

EID Classic

I am super busy organizing the Canadian Finals which are this weekend. That is my excuse for the late weekend report.
The EID Classic is a great trial. The field is vast with rolling hills, your dog could run out for miles if they weren't looking for their sheep. This year we had Beverly Lambert join the cast of super talented Alberta handlers.

Bev and Hemp at the pen

Ian and Joann do a great job keeping this trial moving along smoothly. The trial wraps up on Sunday with a double lift. Top 12 dogs go to the double lift.

Double Lift Results (13 dogs):

1. Bev Lambert and Hemp
2. Scott Glen and Maid
3. Ian Zoerb and Peg
4. Scott Glen and Drift
5. George Stambulic and Kate
6. Bev Lambert and Mirk
7. Jennifer Glen and Hemp
8. Stormy Winters and Roy
9. Jennifer L' Arrivee and Spot
Corey Perry and Jill RT
Scott Glen and Lucy RT
Lee Lumb and Nan DQ
Peter Gonnet and Jill DQ

Best Outwork: Bev Lambert and Hemp
Best Drive: Bev Lambert and Hemp
Best Shed: Scott Glen and Maid
Best Pen: Ian Zoerb and Peg

I have decided to give Isla a rest for a while before the National finals. Instead Rob and I made our trial debut. We are not totally in sync yet but we are pretty close. I ran Rob Pro Novice. The first day he ran out well, had a good fetch and a nice drive but we missed the first set of drive panels. In the end we ended up 9th out of 25 dogs. The second day we hit all our panels but had some trouble at the pen finished up 10th.


Anonymous said...

Hi Louanne,
I am wondering if you have contact information for Stormy Winters? Please email me privately at my blog.
Donna Hill
Nanaimo, BC

Anonymous said...

Oops, it should have shown up as www.viassistancedogs.blogspot.com